Appeals Process

An appeal is a formal request for reconsideration of an adverse decision made by EHT Certificate Advisory Council or its representatives related to an individual’s achievement of a certificate or an educational institutions achievement of Approved Course Provider status.

The appeal must be made in writing to the EHT within 30 days of receiving the determination being appealed. The written appeal must include the stated appeal, the reason for the appeal (including relevant supporting materials), and appellant's contact information.

When an appeal is received, EHT will convene an Appeals Panel to consider the appeal, ensuring that no members of the Panel has actual or apparent conflicts of interest with the case at hand. The function of the Appeals Panel in a given case is to review the decision being appealed based on the record that was presented at the time of the determination. The appeal will be considered within 60 days. EHT will notify the applicant of the appeal decisions within 14 days from the Appeals Panel determination. Appeals Panel decisions will be final.

Should the Appeals Panel grant an appeal on an issue that impacts the assessment scores of other certificate program participants or certificate holders, a review or rescoring of all those potentially impacted will automatically be conducted. EHT will notify the individuals of the review or rescoring and final decision within 60 days of the decision.

All appeals and dispositions will be recorded in the Appeals Register, which will be maintained by EHT. The Appeals Register will be reviewed periodically, at a minimum as part of the internal audit of the appeals policies and procedures, to identify the need for corrective or preventive action.

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Complaints Process

Individuals with concerns regarding the assessments, personnel, or other elements of the certificate program are encouraged to discuss these with the individuals involved to try to resolve the matter informally. If informal resolution is not possible, and an individual wishes to file a formal complaint, it should be submitted in writing to EHT within 90 days of the incident’s occurrence. In the case of complaints related to a course or assessment administration, those must be submitted in writing within two weeks after the course or assessment administration.

The submission may be mailed, e-mailed or faxed. The submission should include sufficient objective evidence to substantiate the claims and allow for a decision to be made and the appropriate action to be taken. Dissatisfaction based on hearsay should not be considered as a complaint. Only written complaints will be considered. Anonymous complaints will not be considered.

EHT will serve as the first level of complaint consideration to determine its validity. EHT will investigate the circumstances of any valid complaint and

  1. determine and implement corrective action
  2. refer the complaint to a different suitable personnel member to determine and implement correction action
  3. escalate it to the Certificate Advisory Council for review.

If addressed by personnel, EHT will communicate the resolution to the complainant within a period of no longer than 30 days.

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